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BASE - Bagrote Association for Social Enhancement


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BASE is a community driven organisation and registered NGO, representing the communities of the six villages of Bagrote Valley.

Bagrote Valley is one of the most beautiful mountainous valleys of Gilgit District because of its glaciers, vegetation and famous peaks Rakaposhi, Diran, and Dubani. The valley has a population of approx. 9.000 persons living in 800 households. BASE activities cover the whole area of Bagrote Valley.

BASE aims at improving socio-economic conditions and living standard of the local rural and underserved communities by enhancing human capital through setting up a quality education facility in the area.

Main activities in the field of education:
- Operating English medium schools
- Supporting poor and needy students through stipends and scholarships
- Installing teacher training programmes for teachers in government and BASE owned schools

To date, 459 male and female students are enrolled in BASE Public School Datuchi and its four branch schools at primary level in the villages of Datuchi, Sinakir, Farfui and Bulchi. 30% of the students are girls. Teaching staff comprises of 20 male and 4 female teachers. (September 2011)



Open Air Classes 2003 Open Air Classes 2003 BASE schoolground 2004 student receiving prize student speaking to the guests Mr. Hafiz Allah Bakhsh Malik BASE schoolground 2011 BASE main schoolbuilding 2014
Open Air Classes in 2003 Schoolground 2004 Girl student Student speaking Guest speaker Schoolground 2011 Main Schoolbuilding 2014




Contact Information:
BASE, P.O. Farfooh Bagrote, District Gilgit 15.100, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan

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