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News of the Girlsschool in Datuchi/Bagrot Valley (Pakistan)

Blessing in Disguise

The Bagrot valley was spared the devastating earthquake in northern Pakistan. Our friends reported that after several minutes of violent earthquakes, the valley was wrapped in a huge cloud of dust. Damage did not arise.

Monika Girls High School

Today, 250 students attend the school in the village of Datuchi, whose history began in 1992 with 20 girls. For the pupils of the 6th-10th class, the lessons take place in the afternoon, a compromise with their diverse domestic duties. They are taught by 7 teachers. 6 teachers supervise the primary school classes in the morning.

Our school was unexpectedly upgraded to government high school in September, after gaining recognition for the Government Girls Middle School last year. Since the beginning of the project, more than 70 students have successfully completed the 10th grade. A success that we all can be proud of! This degree allows you to attend a secondary school or college.

Thanks to additional donations, 70 school desks and benches for the classrooms in the new building as well as books and other teaching materials were acquired in spring. The staff room has been divided with a wooden partition to set up a small school library.

8 Monika Girls High School teachers still need to be funded by donations: the monthly cost is 250 €.

Girls College Bagrot

The lesson for the 11th grade is very well received. Thirty-five students are already using the new offer, which has been in place since April 1, 2005. They are 17 to 20 years old. 2 teachers teach Urdu, math, English and other subjects.

The two teachers cost 150 € per month.

In the valley everyone already speaks of the "Girls College Bagrot". The students come from all the villages for afternoon lessons to Datuchi. Some have a burdensome school journey of more than an hour, as there are no regular driving opportunities between the villages in the valley. In several conversations with the young women, besides the problems with the way to school, there was a desire to "learn computers". From donations now 2 used PCs are purchased and installed in the library of the girls' school. This way, all interested students can use the devices.

The students, parents and teachers of the Monika Girls High School thank all donors and the Forum Children in Need e.V. for the support and greetings. I join the good wishes.

Monika Schneid, October 2005

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